24x24 Original Abstract Canvas Art Acrylic Pour Painting "Rainbow's Peak" / Original Acrylic Painting / Abstract Painting / Fluid Art
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Original Pour Painting

Created on 5 March 2022

Contains Florescent Yellow, Florescent Green, Florescent blue, Florescent pink, Florescent Orange, Florescent Red, Brilliant Purple, White, and Black on a 24x24 canvas.

It's one of my favorite creations, so I almost don't want to let it go.

I had just gone though a breakup and was feeling down, so decided to create something bright and happy to help cheer myself up, worked pretty well 😊

I've been creating pour painting (between my busy work schedule) for a few years now, and each one is a little piece of me. I've run out of space at home, so I'm hoping to find people who can love them as much as I do, haha.